Gabasa is located in a perfect place for you to visit and get to know wonderful natural places in the province of Huesca.

All these suggestions are within a 1 minute walk to 1 hour drive.

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Gabasa Ravine in Autumn

Gabasa Ravine

 It is a humid and spectacular enclave where you can see a gallery forest in which Lombard poplars, walnuts, lithos, hazelnuts, willows and other species form a unique space in the whole south of the province of Huesca. The existing micro-habitat favours the presence of a high number of botanical species of great interest. The fauna also becomes a visible attraction in which squirrels, badgers, ginets or roe deer stand out.


The Congost de Mont-rebei or Gorge of Mont-rebei is a spectacular route carved in the mountain range of the Montsec by the river Noguera Ribagorzana. The gorge is impressive for its landscape and its dimensions. In its journey, through the path carved in the rock, there are points of great interest such as the suspension bridge and the footbridges in the same mountain.

Chinese Wall of Finances

A whim of Nature that reminds us that no one like her can create places of this complexity and beauty. Two vertical and parallel rock walls, unforgettable for anyone who contemplates them. And in the middle of them, the ruins of the medieval castle and the chapel of San Vicente. Sitting on the bench that rests on one of its walls will offer you unforgettable views.


Graus is a town in the province of Huesca, 30 minutes away from GABASA. This town is very well known for its particular gastronomy, where the sausage festival is celebrated (in July), and during the months of December to March the black truffle market is held (on Saturday afternoons) with gastronomic days, where the famous fresh truffle can be acquired.

Graus Square
Castle of Benabarre Illuminated


It is the historical-cultural capital of the region and the former capital of the county of Ribagorza. It is part of La Franja oriental de municipios aragoneses en los que se habla catalán ribagorzano.

We recommend you to visit it both on a gastronomic and cultural level, you can taste an authentic chocolate of our own making, or you can go to a cheese shop, without forgetting to walk around the Castle, of Muslim origin.


30 minutes away from GABASA Monzón is a city located in the province of Huesca, being its second most populated city and the sixth in Aragon. Monzón is situated under the slope of the hill of an imposing castle of Arab origin. In recent years there are two shows not to be missed: Templar Race (the most important steeplechase race in Spain) and the Tribute to Guillem de Monrodon, becoming a true and genius medieval show

Monsoon. Templar Castle

Naval-Torretien-El Grado

Naval is located in the Somontano region of Barbastro, where we find an old salt mine that has been restored to make relaxing and therapeutic baths, which are very beneficial to health. Only 25 minutes away, we find Torreciudad - Santuario Mariano, located in a place with great natural attraction. At its feet, the reservoir of El Grado, with its turquoise colour, and the dam that you can visit and walk over. If you are lucky and see how they open the floodgates of the reservoir, you will see an impressive spectacle.


1 hour away from GABASA, located in the heart of the Sierra de Guara. You can see the canyon of the River Vero and above it, the Castle-Collegiate Church of Alquézar, from the Muslim period and its walled-in area. It is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Huesca. We advise you to make the footbridges of Alquezar over the river Vero. A few kilometres from Alquezar is the Bierge reservoir, which has become one of the most beautiful, natural and sought-after places for bathing. It has a waterfall of more than 10 metres and crystalline waters.

Salto de el Bierge
Panillo. Buddhist Temple

Panillo-Buddhist Temple

43 minutes away from GABASA, is the Buddhist temple DAG SHANG KAGYU, located in the town of Panillo (Huesca). Isolated from neighboring villages and pre-Pyrenees is this space conducive to meditation, retreats, meetings and teachings of Buddha.



1 hour and 10 minutes away from GABASA, we find the village of Ainsa, located between the Cinca and Ara rivers. A privileged place between the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, the Natural Park of the Canyons and the Sierra de Guara, and the Posests-Maladeta Natural Park. Walking through the old streets of the town, declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1965, we will enjoy the warmth of its people and the beauty of an environment with a clear medieval flavour.